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chirpy’s day out April 15, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

ur so glad theres a new post arent u?

pace urselves, u shall have that thick, rich mrm goodness soon, very soonf. swearf.

today’s post is about chirp. she told me to do this a week ago but i had more leisurely things to do like hibernate.

i had to take some ppl to shi3ib park (yes, i had to. mrm is provoked when dragged somewhere but luckily i had not snapped. wantf balconyf), and had a great time with a few friends and our child chirp.

that was not by any means nurturing of me, she literally was a child! she wouldnt get on any games as she was ‘im afraid’ and would rather eat a cup of corn, which she did. she pointed out a couple of rides she would be willing to go on and would u fucking take a guess what they were? the swings that go round and round at the speed of a famished mosquito and the kiddy firefighter merry-go-round. i did manage to get her to go on these rides. by manage i mean forceful action.

how appropriate, theres a cake in the shot! for those that r unaware, chirp is the mr.baker of our sad, sad gang.

technically this isnt a ride, but she agreed to stand next to this figure. im glad u didnt find this scary as well chirp. this fotof is to emphasize chirps size. this figure is claimed to be a model of the tallest man on record. u perv stop pointing there. chrpf naughtttyff!

i hope that this tribute has pleased out of place chirp.




1. Enigma - April 15, 2008

LOL omg this last pic is freaky!

2. G - April 15, 2008

Looool Well you had fun, and thats good :)

3. N. - April 15, 2008

loooooool charpy :p

the cake looks like its in a “break in emergency” glass thing lol

4. Skinnybumblebee - April 15, 2008

Lool, you didnt bunjee? well their lame excuse for it. Aah 7asaafaa!

whose that man?

5. intlxpatr - April 15, 2008

Mrm, you had better be packing your bags and getting out of town – Chirp is going to KILL you for that last photo, oh excuse me, hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahha I was dying laughing even before I read your comment. You truly have a wicked gift with your camera.

Chirp is ADORABLE and I hope you all had a wonderful time.

6. Nwair - April 15, 2008

looooool ambay chirp im surprised they didnt take ur measurements uw 7a6ouch aqzam ensaana bel dnya :p badeg 3ala 3amech ripley

7. Chirp - April 16, 2008

Nwair chub 3adaal intay ili shaggaaaa il 6oool PLZZZZ SUPERMAN! LOOL

Mirimooo i thought u were kidding when u said u were putting pics!! LOOL ya shagool! “our child chirp” ya shagooool!!!

8. Chirp - April 16, 2008

Btw me emaciaty and her 2 friends were almost the same height

9. suspic - April 16, 2008


She makes the pony look like a real horse. =O

10. Boocmarc/emaciaty - April 19, 2008

dont drag me into this chirp ..!! i get enough bashing as it is .. i’m enjoying reading about someone else for a change hahaha

11. This Lady - April 22, 2008

LOL! Chirp really does look like a baby.. A pervy baby.

12. Jenna - April 24, 2008

LOL i love chirp!
hair! 7araaam kasra kha6ri ;p u seriously need this break!

13. eshda3wa - April 28, 2008


chirpyyy …. u live once man
face ur fears!

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