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hymen gel May 17, 2008

Posted by Mrm in kuwait, out&about, random, sex, WTFing.

now that i have abruptly gotten ur attention, i would like to apologize to my 9 readers for my absence.

my absence did not involve:

  • falling seriously ill. mrmf finef.
  • donating my time and effort to some parliamentary candidate  with an aggressively revolutionary outlook on ‘change’, promising a brighter future with selfless dedication. eat my ass. its been the same shit since the mid 90s, nothing has progressed in this country. what peeves me is the voters  dont seem to care about these empty promises, they just remain loyal to a candidate that time and time again was proven to be worthless and useless. any progression such as women’s rights, nabeeha 5 and the segregation issue (still pending) has been pushed by the people through demonstrations. luff u, u makef me lil optimisticff.
  • getting hitched.
  • having finesse; tripped on a step during a funeral. wasnt an ordinary trip, it was one of those shin shattering, teeth clattering trips where my sun glasses which were resting quite comfortably on my head fell onto my nose. no one would have noticed, but because god loves to laff at me, the place had gone painfully silent at the exact moment god got his giggles. the slap of my slipper on the large polished tiles gave out a bitch of an echo, which diffused veeeery nicely into every corner of the house. ppl that were not in perimeter started to peek out trying to see who caused the blasphemous disturbance. plz god, choose someone else next time i am not ur clown.

and now for some virginastic fun! hymen gel!



1. skinnybumblebee - May 17, 2008

LOOOOOOOOL! welcome back…

2. ::: ShoSho ::: - May 17, 2008

Huh?!! tightening? what for looooooooool!!! and HOW eaxctly.. ok no need to answer I don’t want to know!

3. greyshorts - May 17, 2008

You found it here ? my friend told me to buy it for her from Dubai wtf .
Anyway I’m really sorry about the embarrassing tripping situation still funny though !

4. Jenna - May 18, 2008

hehehe loool mirim..eew

5. Jenna - May 18, 2008

btw how was it? ;p

6. suspic - May 18, 2008

LOL intimate area..

Did the deceased look up and laugh at you too? =O

..that was low, suspic. too low.

7. Chirp - May 18, 2008

and for you to


8. Citibank - May 18, 2008

WELCOME BACK! Its abt time!

9. emaciaty/Boocmarc - May 19, 2008

well .. it appears u have ur loyal readers right here ..
well done mirim ..
yalla .. dont keep us hangin

10. Mrm - May 20, 2008

na7la m3asgila- thx!

shosho- :x

greyshrts- ya twas in BOOTS airport.

jenna- lets try the gel on ur mouth to see if it can tighten ur mouth so u can shhhhhaaat!!

suspic- allah yr7ma bs he probably heard it :P

chrp- i still have that pic from chalet. shhhaaaat or i shall post

citibank- u haha’d at work?

emaciaty- stop being nice to me. its unpleasant.

11. N. - May 22, 2008

words escape me…

12. intlxpatr - June 8, 2008

Holy Smokes! Both your fall :-( and the gel (I don’t know how to do an eyebrows raised thingy) >-( ?

I am just so glad to see you blogging again, with your great eye for the incongruous.

13. Zed - June 8, 2008

i dont know how to feel, turned on or nasious

14. nyxxie - June 13, 2008


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