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Swahili, Hebrew and Jackoff August 27, 2008

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Haha’d? yesf? gooodf. it was my eyef, but it was jennas steady hands that got the greatf shotf. thankoof!

Moving on, I must learn an asian or african language as part of my degree. There are a few favorites of mine, like Thai or Hebrew, but id like to have my readersf opinionf (i know ur reading this citibank. shaklich ibtikhtarain Bengali).

I have marked the choices my readers have made in orange belowf. So far looks like a tie between japanese and hebrewf. Hebrews in the lead.

Here is a list of the choices:



Bengali I



Chinese I




Hebrew IIIII

Hindi I


Japanese IIII


Persian I


Swahili I



Urdu I


Yoruba I

Zulu I

i admit there are two in there of which i have never heard of, and im too mirimtastically lazy to look em up. btw, for those that are interested, Hausa is basically a witch language. it is the language used by the Hausa tribe in africa where witchcraft, sorcery and black magic are part of everyday life. i wonder if theyd give me a voodoof dollf if i register for it. hmmmmf.


ugly olympicf dreamf August 11, 2008

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one night i decided to to scavenge my room until i found my baby/infant/awkward pictures. well i did, jenna and phay had a blast as they ridiculed me. i usually do the ridiculing, so i let it slide this time; they have been good victims of mine.

anyhow, to my surprise i foundf this picture of what seems to be a very ugly mrm piece, circa 1986ish. As a child, i was a loser (as more ugly mrmf entries will prove). i remember one day i had gotten bubble word stickers from a stationary and just slapped some random ones on a few pics. they were so randomf, some of them read “Ive got good lungs!” and “Nice digs, think ill stay”. wtf right?

Without further adof, i present my 11 readers with this photof.

is it coincidental? very. what are the odds that i find this photo at the exact time of the 2008 olymfix!

is it ironic? yes. im almost a quarter of a century and a very inflexible, flumf girlf.