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ugly olympicf dreamf August 11, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

one night i decided to to scavenge my room until i found my baby/infant/awkward pictures. well i did, jenna and phay had a blast as they ridiculed me. i usually do the ridiculing, so i let it slide this time; they have been good victims of mine.

anyhow, to my surprise i foundf this picture of what seems to be a very ugly mrm piece, circa 1986ish. As a child, i was a loser (as more ugly mrmf entries will prove). i remember one day i had gotten bubble word stickers from a stationary and just slapped some random ones on a few pics. they were so randomf, some of them read “Ive got good lungs!” and “Nice digs, think ill stay”. wtf right?

Without further adof, i present my 11 readers with this photof.

is it coincidental? very. what are the odds that i find this photo at the exact time of the 2008 olymfix!

is it ironic? yes. im almost a quarter of a century and a very inflexible, flumf girlf.




1. suspic - August 12, 2008

Try the Special Olympics.

2. N. - August 12, 2008

lol suspic, ouch

3. Mrm - August 12, 2008

suspic- i tried, too many kuwaitis entered. would ur mom terribly mind if i took her spot?

n- squashf?

4. N. - August 13, 2008

Of course!

5. G - August 14, 2008

LOOOOL, Gambette ^^ get us some gold medals we dont have any for Kuwait :P

6. Broke Saudi - August 15, 2008

Man, I really want those bubble stickers.

7. Boocmarc/emaciaty - August 17, 2008

ambaih.. jekor !! lol

8. okra - August 19, 2008

god damnit!

9. okra - August 19, 2008

recap, Jesus Christ what happened?

10. Sh7afana - August 21, 2008

7aram! not ugly ..

11. intlxpatr - August 21, 2008

LLLOOOLLLL! You were adorable then, and you are adorable now.

12. Mrm - August 21, 2008

G- do NOT put ur hopes on me hehe :P

S3oodi mfalis- they just seem cool. theyre reallyf notf.

emaciaty- wahahahahahahaha really? yali mo3awaqa jasadiyan wa 3aqliyan tgooleen 3ani jkr?! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA really, u and ur saluki face KILL ME!!! :D

okra- ?!! Wat habben

sh7afana- thx? :P heh

intlx- adorable now?? have u been stalking me in addition to fimfing me out?!

13. intlxpatr - August 22, 2008

Mrm, I’m trying, I’m trying, you have to cooperate!

14. Chirp - August 22, 2008

So. What sport are we training for 7ag the next olympics? I’m thinking we should participate in the winter olympics. Curling?
btw il 9oora NAAAR

15. okra - August 22, 2008

u tell me..?!?!!

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