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designer sugarf September 3, 2008

Posted by Mrm in confusion, emaciaty, food, out&about, random, Uncategorized, WTFing.

imagine what itd be like to eat sugar in the humidity. my thoughts and daydreams all include humidity. its like how ur dreams often revolve around a familiar setting; my dreams almost always include chalet, home or high school (very unfortunately). random mrm dream settings: an ancient Mayan ruin, Gorilla infested jungle, in an igloo…twas cool. fucking humidity. moving on, designer sugarf for those over compensating, revolting, wanna be rich dick/chick. wtf?

i r the absolute worstf matchmaker, but i think i got a match made in sanitary pad heaven here. izf proudf. :)

wtf was this guy on when he designed this children’s cereal? and what is with all this weird albanian products all of a sudden? check out this box and sco66ex in the pic above. i just randomly said albanian. i dont know where these products are fromf. more importantly, what was this albanian designer on?

i want answersf from all of u, especially emaciaty. izf better than albanian designer.

those were the albanianly unfortunate events of my jam3iya trip. twas cool tho.


1. Chirp - September 3, 2008

I actually laughed out loud reading this .. maybe cuz I can imagine u saying all of what ur saying above :p
Ur a matchmaker .. il kha6aba mirim ..

2. N. - September 3, 2008

cereal, sugar, and pads…

life is now complete.. ;/

3. suspic - September 4, 2008

I hear married women send their husbands to buy their thingies, seeing as how it’s embarrassing to confront the indian cashier or the Egyptian who thinks you being on your period is a flirting opporotunity.

4. intlxpatr - September 5, 2008

LLOOLLL, what an eye you have! Does anyone ever look at you weirdly seeing you snap photos in the jaamiya?

5. ::: ShoSho ::: - September 5, 2008

LoooooooooooL at the second picture!

Fashla jiddam el male bloggers! looool

6. Mrm - September 5, 2008

chirp-bathab6ich bil pigeons bilchalet. u would make a great chirpy couple.

N-u seem down…emotional lately? maybe u need some sco66ex!

suspic- uve been sent by ur mother to get some kotex havent u

int- yes actually i do get very weird looks. my friends say i embarrass them.

shosho- laish?? ohhh u mean suspic, hes no longer underage khalas kobar lazim yshoof ildinya :P

7. suspic - September 6, 2008

LOL, no.

I personally pretend none of this stuff exists, and those are large recreational tissues.

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