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the goodf,the badf and the lndn October 29, 2008

Posted by Mrm in architecture & Travel, confusion, environment, london, out&about.

The past couple of months have been pure exhaustion for someone like me. But i kept my mrm head, as the following pictures will prove.

The following photojournal is a chronicle of my time here thus far. it would have been nice had emaciaty stopped being a sissyf and just accepts the fact that her ugly existence would be pointless without me so that she could probe the pics with her infamous fingerf. imissfu.

The goodf:

This hairdresser kept talking about his girlfriend, none stop. overcompensating? hmmf. but i like the picf.

i hahahahahhahahhaaaaaaaahaahaf’d at dadf. he ended up with the gay umbrella, he was so pissedf.

how to deter a curious squirrel: wave ur pretamangerf tuna sandwich in front of its face. they really hate tuna hahahaha. this particular one reminded me of chirpf

The badf:

Urdu blows Arabic out of the water when it comes to the unnecessary complications of grammar. this is just my alphabetf sheetf.

This electronic advert is just bad. it was on an atm machine that i had walked by. i couldnt leave it alone, i stopped and went back and took a pic.  At first, second, third, fourth and fifth glance I could not get it; to me it looked like a self advertisement of this ATM machine with some sort of special security for the idiot drunkards roaming around at night (?f). the bear is on the phone with a stupid ass look on his face and what seems to be a pair of underwear on its head! anyways, i admitted defeat and read the advertisement. turns out to be some sort of charity for kids hoping for donations when you withdraw ur cashf. hmf.

ive realized i hate him. i dont know why i got him.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaaaaha my sister’s friend found this sad guys photo in her hotel room in lndn! he left it behindf! he shouldnt haveff!!! hahahahaf!

the lndn:

to those who grew up to sylvanian families:I MUST FORM A RELATIONSHIP WITH U! NOWFFf!

i was sitting in a cafe trying to do my urdu when this random lady just at my table, with me. just looking at me and sipping her coffee. it got awkward so said hi? looong story short: she has a phd in theology (claims to have anyways) and asked me if i was a virgin n then just loved me to bits and pieces and then started bible thumping and told me “God will let you know when eet ees taym to give awaaiy yow special geeft. God bless you fo yow reeseesting temptaishan (resisting temptation).”

she then insisted on taking a photo. i shouldnt, couldnt and wouldnt say no.

they have majid magazine here.wtf

those were the goodf, the badf and the lndn events of my stay here. twas cool tho.



1. amethystos - October 29, 2008

A7la shay the PhD lady! At least someone is getting asked the question that I am STILL being asked!

2. intlxpatr - October 29, 2008

Dying laughing! You are in rare form, Mrm. Oh, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Reeeeeeeezzzzisssssssssssstt Temptationf! Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!

3. eshda3wa - October 30, 2008


aham shay the dude ..

la la theba7ni

im in looooffff

enjoy london!

oo allah y3eench 3al COLD

4. Nwair - October 30, 2008

tara entay mu 9a7ya :p but i miss my neighbor , no one to scream at me when im too loud ;/ btw i stole toothpaste from ur bathroom , and some chocolate .. love u too

5. Swair - October 31, 2008

check your e-mail!!! damn itf! :p

6. emaciaty/Boocmarc - November 6, 2008

Mee tinksss me crassay!!
Dude hilarious !
glad ur enjoying in ur own weird noticing way :P i know u fucking miss my pinggeerrrr !!
Yalla sooon soon.. with nwairrr ..!! wohooo
Keep in touch with the PHD celibate advocate :D
and i dont miss ur fat ass …. (hmmph) squirrel

7. jenna - November 10, 2008

LOOOOOOOL i remember the voicemsg u left me when u met this lady from the station…loool u were freaked out in someway lol!
wayhich attrackts weirdos…
like me..

8. Mrm - November 10, 2008

amethystos- so would the PhD lady love you to bits and pieces toof? hehe i r sneakyf

intl- i swaya on da hooooleeeey byyyyybel i shall reeseest temptaishan .

eshda3wa- shiversf.

nwair- i want all my shit back when i get back. back back.

swair- sorry babe, hope iljungar ili sawart ma3ahh y7ali ilswar. ana 3aha.

emaciaty- shtabeen?

jenna- yeah all of u r weirdos.

9. vixenfatale - November 27, 2008

hehehe god bless you my child : P

10. Chirp - November 28, 2008

update ur blog update ur blog update ur BLOG :)

11. Om Yousef - November 30, 2008

hi! still cant believe i found that penguin! LOL anyway,let me know whenever yer back home…thanks again :)

12. This Lady - December 24, 2008

LOOL @ that guy! the HAIR!!

Oh and I congratulate you on your strong will and determination by restraining yourself from TEMPTATION..

13. s7ela - January 2, 2009

u in kwt yet?

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