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dare of the week January 28, 2008

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it was 9 degrees Celsius outside…they suggested it, i just paid. i love how one of them claws and grabs at the other…perfect module of a true friendship lol

for best results turn on the volume. i love the vomit sound one of them makes at the end hahahaha


i dare u January 16, 2008

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during spouts of boredom at the chalet, i have this pathology for daring people to do random, sometimes evil things for money. really…its a pathology, its a chronic addiction. everyone tells me i have a problem with this.

so anyways… last weekend it was after midnight, temperatures dropped to delightful lows. exactly the temperature i wanted for my evil, evil dare in mind.

i dared Nunu to go out in the literally blistering cold with just her pajamas on for some money. that may not seem so bad, had we not been the welcome mat for those peachy northern winds and heavy rains. ya3ni il wath3 Hurricane Karima. Kuki was intrigued, and so was D ili oboha min 6ahran. so all three huddle together outside, getting stung by the drizzle, the wind slapping them silly…having their bones shaken to the very core. We agreed on a solid minute, but i left them out there for a good 2 minutes. i could hear them yelling outside, while i was cosily nestled next to the heater. hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaha!! so anyways… i havent paid them yet, but i will soon. promiseff.

another incident was when i had just gotten a tazer and wanted to try it out. So i dared Kuki to shock Nunu with the tazer for money. She did, and Nunu was paid.

My trademark dare is for me to slap the person in question for some money. Since it is a trademark, you can imagine how much was spent on building that image throughout the years.

I was lazy one night, and dared a couple of ppl to carry me up to my bed for money. I am not easy to move, making it hilarious watching them trying different strategies to lift and move. they failed.

One last sick one i shall share with you is probably the most disgusting one i had concocted to date. I had someone reduced to a cannibal. i had injured my leg and as the blood clotted a scab was born, only to be gulped down. Thats right, this anonymous person ate my scab for some money. disgustff! but funnyf as hellf!!!!!

the weekend is coming up, and i need new material. Any new ideas for dares? shareff!

hing hong January 13, 2008

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ive been pressured to blog. apparently i have been getting complaints from my fan (thats right, i have one known fan that reads my blog religiously @ citibank).

p h a y/Fajita and i created the game of hing hong; ping pong using hands instead of paddles. and u know what? its much more fun and interesting!! i dont know if i can ever play with those cheap shiny plasticy paddles again!

we got the occasional sting from hitting the ball with our knuckles when backhanding, but other than that it was a thoroughly enjoyed, flexible game.




new yrs pictorial January 4, 2008

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those bushy things that roll by randomly during a movie that express abandonment, isolation or a show down..i have never seen a green bushel before


primitive gas station


shortly after midnight… blanket by the sea, an emaciated guitarist performing, company saying random things which turn into songs sung childishly and a candle in the playful wind

my view of/in 1.1.2008. It has potential to be a beautiful thing, but y’know people pollute. for those that did not follow, that bit applies to the sea and to the year ahead of me.


Giovanni giving Emaciaty a high-five. an 80’s move, bes yalla still clever from a dog.


Emaciaty would like to point out that Giovanni the Gay is her dog.


And of course, the traditional fireworks that always go seriously wrong. This was taken by my sister before the rockets went berserk, starting spinning and shot flaming, gun powder filled sparks every which way. Up my sister’s ass (lol ur a real soldier), between my Costa Rican friend and Kuki, in the pool (the tssssssssss of the burning flame was so cool), in the bushes, above our heads…it was an unintended JackAss moment. it happens every single year so im beginning to doubt that it is unintentional.


bbq setup in under 10 mins December 23, 2007

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so a night before we were greeted with bone chilling rain and relentless, face peeling, eye drying wind we had a bbq for the first time at the chalet.

yebna akil o bser3a raga3na setup bara..its very college-student broke kinda thing…but it did the trick





and then we were trapped inside for 2 days. claustrophobia style especially since we removed our old curtains and while waiting for the new ones newspapers were taped on all the windows and im sick of reading 4 month old news and i hate how there is no sunshine to illuminate the chalet since stupid ass newspapers are up because Jamal the monajid still hasnt finished the new curtains. breathe. convinced that its claustrophobic yet? thanks Siberian winds…