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designer sugarf September 3, 2008

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imagine what itd be like to eat sugar in the humidity. my thoughts and daydreams all include humidity. its like how ur dreams often revolve around a familiar setting; my dreams almost always include chalet, home or high school (very unfortunately). random mrm dream settings: an ancient Mayan ruin, Gorilla infested jungle, in an igloo…twas cool. fucking humidity. moving on, designer sugarf for those over compensating, revolting, wanna be rich dick/chick. wtf?

i r the absolute worstf matchmaker, but i think i got a match made in sanitary pad heaven here. izf proudf. :)

wtf was this guy on when he designed this children’s cereal? and what is with all this weird albanian products all of a sudden? check out this box and sco66ex in the pic above. i just randomly said albanian. i dont know where these products are fromf. more importantly, what was this albanian designer on?

i want answersf from all of u, especially emaciaty. izf better than albanian designer.

those were the albanianly unfortunate events of my jam3iya trip. twas cool tho.


iz get socialf March 31, 2008

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ive been social today. many may think that my day was not social at all. social= when i have to encounter more than ten ppl in one day. i dont mean ten friends/coworkers/relatives where you have to carry out conversations with and put in some effort, i mean ten ppl that could be: a sister, a maid, the woman who says excuse me, the salam 3alaikoms, a cashier and so on. i count those as interactions/encounters.

im concerned…these minor social obligations shouldnt be this painful and tedious. i miss my balcony…in the words of emaciaty, “you like to sit up there cuz you are being as least social as possible yet close enough to do some people watching”. which is true, i know all the neighbors shit and actually have picked up some names of the people walking by; they are now characters. Soha and [insert random name because i havent discovered her name yet] like to walk around the block a few times before bed, and almost everytime they mention a ‘Badriya’ ili thab7at’ha qahar…i think there was a stand off involved and they verbally bitch slapped each other at a gathering or wedding or something. then there is 3alawee…im guessing he just recently had sex cuz one night at his diwaniya i heard a bunch of guys moaning ‘3alaweeeee’ very girlishly then hysterically laughing and howling. wtf? ive also grown accustomed to the two domestic workers that meet up at the corner every night and smoke. i dont understand a word they say but they always, ALWAYS talk to each other very aggressively; like they were threatening one another. then, they abruptly start laughing. ALWAYS.

anyways, very creepy office and disgusting graphic images of the ear canal ahead. that is my warning.

its been a while since the splinter of a whore emaciaty and i met up. she is bakf, hopefully permanently. i called her during the evening and asked if she wanted to get an ear cleaning with me. she agreed. does anyone else have get weird invitations like that? plz share.

waiting room: portrait of a sheesha…wtf?


and btw its not cool to take public pics in kuwait…not cool as in get beat up. this portrait was next to some 3abaya lump and her husband, i tried as best as i could not to get her in the picture which i have done, but she was leaning away and complaining to her husband and he and his four chins were twitching…wow…

emaci n i walked into the doctor’s office, and bless him hes a great doctor, but really it was very disorienting and confusing.

the creepy office…


[insert disney’s fantasia animation score]


and…he works in the dark. the images are not dark by fault, it really was dark. and he mumbles…emaciaty n i did not understand him most of the time he spoke. creepyf…emaciaty had a bite-size freak out when she was on the chair…i dont blame her…it felt like a confusing nightmare or what someone could experience when on shrooms.

now the graphicf partf…i got some serious advice today about cotton buds/q-tips. do not use them, they scrape away at the skin of ur ear canal and cause swelling and sometimes scarring and abrasions. the doctor’s advice was: after a shower, put a towel on ur ear and tilt ur head at a 90 degrees angle for a minute. he claims that water softens the wax out and drips out of the ear and onto the towel. i question this claim, but im going to have to do it because my ear canal has been crucified.

this is emaciaty’s ear


this is my tortured ear


actual skin scrapes can be seen. well, i must add that i love cleaning my ears with cotton buds…so this is an image of cotton bud abuse…but be carefulf.

i got a shot on my “prom da back” according to the nurse. Kamusta! i didnt start up a conversation with her this time. wasnt compelled to ask for it this time. we went to the pharmacy and got our meds like a couple of old farts and emaciaty noticed this supplement… “whats the point?” she said. hahahaha


which reminded me of a product i saw a while ago in another pharmacy


just how deterring are those labels?

it just was a very confusing hour.

then i met up with few feofle and had some coffee. i ordered a salad, but chirpy stole MY FORK and ate with her own fork and mine. she hogged the salad. chirp proudly points at exhibit A and B, emaciaty style.


we then toast our fingers for a lovely and very quirky evening. emaciaty’s so emaciated shes evaporating…


N., chirp, evaporaty…thankoo for nice time.

those were the confusing, socialf yet very fortunate events of my evening. twas cool tho.

afternoon @ the vet January 21, 2008

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emaciaty felt that her children Giovanni the Gay and Katkoot the Kat needed a trip to the vet in Wafra for general check ups and what not, so Jenna and i accompanied them on their voyage to good health.

Jenna was under their siege. Clearly Katkoot was the mastermind in all of this.


immediately after entering the premise i knew this animal hospital could not be matched by the one at the friday market. There was an abundance of shaded parking spaces (multi-million dinar malls, universities and ministries GET A CLUE) and wide, impeccably maintained lawns… green never looked so good. We stepped into the reception lobby and got started with some paperwork. i cant really say the place was decorated, rather it was as though i was in a doggy frat house. Funny/sarcastic animal posters draped the walls, oil based paintings of puppies posing, phylum bird charts…i wont say it was done in poor taste, but it just wasnt for me. However, i had the opportunity to discover the most random magazine i have come across in any hospital or dental clinic. Business Islamica!


a short wait later, we were taken to the examination room. i must say, it was much cleaner than hospitals meant to treat humans (photo comparison available at the end of the post). The doctor and the nurse were very friendly and they genuinely looked concerned about the animals, unlike those doctors that just take your temperature and write you a prescription all the while mumbling and get annoyed when asked to repeat what they’ve said…you’re doctors damn it MAKE AN EFFORT AND CARE. jesus/3eesa.

anal thermometer time for Katkoot…


haramf :(


Giovanni getting his nails done in a very S&M ish room.


even his face is gay!


emaciaty would like to point out that she understands this canine skeleton replica more than anyone will ever know. really, there are just a few differences in appearance in both.


very much impressed, we thanked the staff and left to see the rest of the establishment. there were a couple of large  closed off playgrounds with some dogs running around..we assume its where they are trained.

this large St. Bernard got so excited when Giovanni approached..it was barking and huffing, following Giovanni frantically…had there not barriers, i really think the St. Bernard would have raped Giovanni.



Now, i shall commence with the photo comparison…

will someone tell me how is it that this animal hospital in the middle of nowhere is cleaner than a a suburban clinic that is supposedly properly funded? evidence below.

this doctor checked my sister’s tonsils then tossed the sticks behind him, uninterested in the cleanliness of HIS environment. the trash can was literally a chair spin away. cotton swabs, sticks, bandages and gum wrappers were everywhere to be found except inside the trash.¬† he is either a bad aim or a filthy savage.


just the messenger January 4, 2008

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my friend Fahad sends me this MMS and says this looks like Emaciaty. i SWEAR it was his find and his words.


again, im just the messenger emaciaty.


“Death! Death!”

new yrs pictorial January 4, 2008

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those bushy things that roll by randomly during a movie that express abandonment, isolation or a show down..i have never seen a green bushel before


primitive gas station


shortly after midnight… blanket by the sea, an emaciated guitarist performing, company saying random things which turn into songs sung childishly and a candle in the playful wind

my view of/in 1.1.2008. It has potential to be a beautiful thing, but y’know people pollute. for those that did not follow, that bit applies to the sea and to the year ahead of me.


Giovanni giving Emaciaty a high-five. an 80’s move, bes yalla still clever from a dog.


Emaciaty would like to point out that Giovanni the Gay is her dog.


And of course, the traditional fireworks that always go seriously wrong. This was taken by my sister before the rockets went berserk, starting spinning and shot flaming, gun powder filled sparks every which way. Up my sister’s ass (lol ur a real soldier), between my Costa Rican friend and Kuki, in the pool (the tssssssssss of the burning flame was so cool), in the bushes, above our heads…it was an unintended JackAss moment. it happens every single year so im beginning to doubt that it is unintentional.


love/hate December 29, 2007

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is the kind of friendship i have with HBE; HAIR/boocmarc/Emaciaty.

really, i only hate her so much because i love her. its sick, very complicated and atrociously amusing.

She is like a good earring. comfortable on the ears and expensive in value.

This is what happens to me when we have witty offensive exchanges and hate sessions. I dedicate this lolcat to her…


Yay or nay December 28, 2007

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this question is directed to my frequent readers that know of HAIR/boocmarc/Emaciaty.

As you can see, there has been no mention of her lately at all on my blog.

However, i have just discovered that the posts that are about her have a large portion of views/comments.

Statistically, a lot of you are ashamed to admit that you miss her; my ridiculing her sheer existence.

So, now you have a say.


on having more Emaciatin’ Hatin’ on the blog?
PS- check the file name. i SWEAR i found it that way online walla 3asani matwafag!

emaciaty is so emaciated she has to go on a protein diet ha-ha December 11, 2007

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emaciaty pointing at protein supplement


iss one huge bitch


she had hurt her foot and wanted to go to the dr yesterday. so she made me drive her here… ya3ni fe royal hayatt, ilmowasat, ilhadi, 13978489430 private practitioners…but she wanted to go to the dr at nadi ilsalmiya. yes yes emaci im sure he is just as good..


then we walked into kinkos where we were greeted by Filipino pageant music (one of the workers was watching what looked like a Filipino beauty contest on youtube).

while waiting, emaciaty set up these stamps to look like me and her.. believe it or not, this looks like a pretty realistic module of our sizes. our sizes only are/look exaggerated when we are next to each other… much like N. and his 180cm friend (dis pic for u N.)


we look cute as stamps.

i love stationary. i am obsessed with those random difater ili ashkara made in china/korea/some place where english goes to die. hahaha ! “What a curious feeling!” said Alice; “I must be shutting up like a telescope”.




karma December 9, 2007

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i think i shud lay off emaciaty a little.

i made so much fun of her finger i got a nasty ass mother of all hell paper cuts minutes afterwards (can u guess which finger?).

i think i shud lay off mtc/zain a little.

i made so much of their commercials, logo, color schemes and their SERVICE (i dare anyone to challenge that for the past yr they have been pains in the asses when it comes to network coverage!) i got a nasty ass mother of all hell paper cuts months afterwards. yeah, theyre lagged. idiots. even emaciaty has got a stronger grip on revenge.

oh ur good emaciaty, very good.


ilbandaid zani6 kroosh sb3i. theyre not fat. they are bloated. for proof refer to blog title ‘water in places it shouldnt be’.


being 3ayooza December 9, 2007

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im a 24 yr old house wife with no husband and no kids. the only places i seem to be going are home related…

was getting our cooks chef outfits (its gay bes i had to), and uniforms were not the only things i saw…

i am aware that the place i went to caters to hotel/home appliances and accessories. i am not aware that it could be so shamefully fun.


leaning tower of jider? pot? huh?


i know some ppl that would need this 24/7.


i find this shoe shining machine very racist. and mita akhir mara shftow hal machine? its so gabel ilghazo.




so many of these shawarma seekhh things. the place looked like share3 ilmi6a3im threw up in there.



white cap, brown leather apron. the mannequin looks more like a cowboy golfer than a chef. yes that was a taste of the chef outfits they have there.


Emaciaty’s finger ringing bell. see that blob with teeth on the bell? that is most likely the reflection of her face.


Emaciaty pointing at the random wonderland; Mabrook liltajheezat ilmanziliya/fndqiya.


Emaciaty would also like to point out that Mabrook is in city centre.


i am on my balcony posting this up for my 9 readers out there, waiting for domestic disturbances, fireworks and/or a a fight to break out. my balcony should have its own show.

also, i just realized emaciaty’s finger is on my blog much too frequently for my taste. Stop fingering my blog Emaciaty.

to HAIR/Boocmarc/Emaciaty December 8, 2007

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this post is dedicated to F with the person mentioned above. Nickname whore. For those who have read my stories, HAIR/Boocmarc/Emaciaty is one person. Nickname whorrrrrre.

had u been born a dog, this is how u would look like. For those who know her, doesnt this look exactly like her???? be honest im sure mara7 tiz3al. Ha-Ha!


Picture courtesy of Chikapapi & blue dress. dont know u, but thx for letting me exploit ur dog Lolo.