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the goodf,the badf and the lndn October 29, 2008

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The past couple of months have been pure exhaustion for someone like me. But i kept my mrm head, as the following pictures will prove.

The following photojournal is a chronicle of my time here thus far. it would have been nice had emaciaty stopped being a sissyf and just accepts the fact that her ugly existence would be pointless without me so that she could probe the pics with her infamous fingerf. imissfu.

The goodf:

This hairdresser kept talking about his girlfriend, none stop. overcompensating? hmmf. but i like the picf.

i hahahahahhahahhaaaaaaaahaahaf’d at dadf. he ended up with the gay umbrella, he was so pissedf.

how to deter a curious squirrel: wave ur pretamangerf tuna sandwich in front of its face. they really hate tuna hahahaha. this particular one reminded me of chirpf

The badf:

Urdu blows Arabic out of the water when it comes to the unnecessary complications of grammar. this is just my alphabetf sheetf.

This electronic advert is just bad. it was on an atm machine that i had walked by. i couldnt leave it alone, i stopped and went back and took a pic.  At first, second, third, fourth and fifth glance I could not get it; to me it looked like a self advertisement of this ATM machine with some sort of special security for the idiot drunkards roaming around at night (?f). the bear is on the phone with a stupid ass look on his face and what seems to be a pair of underwear on its head! anyways, i admitted defeat and read the advertisement. turns out to be some sort of charity for kids hoping for donations when you withdraw ur cashf. hmf.

ive realized i hate him. i dont know why i got him.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaahaaaaha my sister’s friend found this sad guys photo in her hotel room in lndn! he left it behindf! he shouldnt haveff!!! hahahahaf!

the lndn:

to those who grew up to sylvanian families:I MUST FORM A RELATIONSHIP WITH U! NOWFFf!

i was sitting in a cafe trying to do my urdu when this random lady just at my table, with me. just looking at me and sipping her coffee. it got awkward so said hi? looong story short: she has a phd in theology (claims to have anyways) and asked me if i was a virgin n then just loved me to bits and pieces and then started bible thumping and told me “God will let you know when eet ees taym to give awaaiy yow special geeft. God bless you fo yow reeseesting temptaishan (resisting temptation).”

she then insisted on taking a photo. i shouldnt, couldnt and wouldnt say no.

they have majid magazine here.wtf

those were the goodf, the badf and the lndn events of my stay here. twas cool tho.

Dear God, March 23, 2008

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friday market sightings, random wonderland January 14, 2008

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anything u could possibly want, u can find at the friday market.

But if u plan to go for amusement instead of necessity, like me, holy mother of hell u will be AMUSED!

it really is a random, nauseating, filthy wonderland. everything seems is diseased.


why is the the dude with the ‘kaarayhh’ haircut dressed like his dog?


ive recently noticed a rise in racism awareness from blogs. the following is not racist, im justing sharing what i think is the most random thing i could see in the setting i was in at the moment. An elderly women dressed in a sari on a cane at the friday market. does she want to buy a dog she cant walk?


then we left soog il7amam because we could smell death and moved to experiencing the revels of garage sales.

i honestly have never seen a more 3ayooz, Bedouin, and deterring name brand as the one below.


soon, i stumbled onto the European, pointless garbage stands area. Euro trash! i am proud of myself for making that word association. there’s a creative writing teacher in me begging to surface! yes i am full of it, even though i know its total social blasph.

i love this rip off. they freshened Mona up with a little makeup eáu naturalé. hahahahahahaha


this is what happens when Ouds and Violens dont practice safe sex. they end up with ugly ViOuds. looks like something from little italy, yes? no? maybe?


this is where all reject joysticks come to die. 3aza il7areem bil Raay, q63a 1, shari3 soog il7array, telefone: 0


coolest find: ‘genuine’ Dutch currency note. its fake because i couldnt find a date on it..and because it looks like a squarish rip off of the American dollar bill.


the end. diseased i feel diseased just thinking about the place. twas cool tho

for once, skeletons are koot December 19, 2007

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this is how i want to be found centuries after my death.



i have no doubt this is how nuki will be found centuries after their death.

gay hippy post December 8, 2007

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i was so distracted by the sky today i spaced out and forgot i was going to the gym. i had to detour twice. im such an idiot. anyways, nice sky, yes? no? maybe?