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fuckingf coinsf October 25, 2008

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u know what i kil? how the coins here are not  even remotely proportional to the numeric value. im alwaysf the fat idiot foreigner holding up the cue. oh, i also kil the attitude; verbal abuse on a daily basis is just really unnecessary. lighten upf lndn.

moref laterf.


mrmf manga September 5, 2008

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designer sugarf September 3, 2008

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imagine what itd be like to eat sugar in the humidity. my thoughts and daydreams all include humidity. its like how ur dreams often revolve around a familiar setting; my dreams almost always include chalet, home or high school (very unfortunately). random mrm dream settings: an ancient Mayan ruin, Gorilla infested jungle, in an igloo…twas cool. fucking humidity. moving on, designer sugarf for those over compensating, revolting, wanna be rich dick/chick. wtf?

i r the absolute worstf matchmaker, but i think i got a match made in sanitary pad heaven here. izf proudf. :)

wtf was this guy on when he designed this children’s cereal? and what is with all this weird albanian products all of a sudden? check out this box and sco66ex in the pic above. i just randomly said albanian. i dont know where these products are fromf. more importantly, what was this albanian designer on?

i want answersf from all of u, especially emaciaty. izf better than albanian designer.

those were the albanianly unfortunate events of my jam3iya trip. twas cool tho.

Swahili, Hebrew and Jackoff August 27, 2008

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Haha’d? yesf? gooodf. it was my eyef, but it was jennas steady hands that got the greatf shotf. thankoof!

Moving on, I must learn an asian or african language as part of my degree. There are a few favorites of mine, like Thai or Hebrew, but id like to have my readersf opinionf (i know ur reading this citibank. shaklich ibtikhtarain Bengali).

I have marked the choices my readers have made in orange belowf. So far looks like a tie between japanese and hebrewf. Hebrews in the lead.

Here is a list of the choices:



Bengali I



Chinese I




Hebrew IIIII

Hindi I


Japanese IIII


Persian I


Swahili I



Urdu I


Yoruba I

Zulu I

i admit there are two in there of which i have never heard of, and im too mirimtastically lazy to look em up. btw, for those that are interested, Hausa is basically a witch language. it is the language used by the Hausa tribe in africa where witchcraft, sorcery and black magic are part of everyday life. i wonder if theyd give me a voodoof dollf if i register for it. hmmmmf.

ugly olympicf dreamf August 11, 2008

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one night i decided to to scavenge my room until i found my baby/infant/awkward pictures. well i did, jenna and phay had a blast as they ridiculed me. i usually do the ridiculing, so i let it slide this time; they have been good victims of mine.

anyhow, to my surprise i foundf this picture of what seems to be a very ugly mrm piece, circa 1986ish. As a child, i was a loser (as more ugly mrmf entries will prove). i remember one day i had gotten bubble word stickers from a stationary and just slapped some random ones on a few pics. they were so randomf, some of them read “Ive got good lungs!” and “Nice digs, think ill stay”. wtf right?

Without further adof, i present my 11 readers with this photof.

is it coincidental? very. what are the odds that i find this photo at the exact time of the 2008 olymfix!

is it ironic? yes. im almost a quarter of a century and a very inflexible, flumf girlf.


relapsedf June 30, 2008

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Democrappy May 20, 2008

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Get ur matches and ur gas! burn the hall and take out the trash!

Democracy is mediocrity.

Kuwait, u did it again! yay democracy :D

chirpy’s day out April 15, 2008

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ur so glad theres a new post arent u?

pace urselves, u shall have that thick, rich mrm goodness soon, very soonf. swearf.

today’s post is about chirp. she told me to do this a week ago but i had more leisurely things to do like hibernate.

i had to take some ppl to shi3ib park (yes, i had to. mrm is provoked when dragged somewhere but luckily i had not snapped. wantf balconyf), and had a great time with a few friends and our child chirp.

that was not by any means nurturing of me, she literally was a child! she wouldnt get on any games as she was ‘im afraid’ and would rather eat a cup of corn, which she did. she pointed out a couple of rides she would be willing to go on and would u fucking take a guess what they were? the swings that go round and round at the speed of a famished mosquito and the kiddy firefighter merry-go-round. i did manage to get her to go on these rides. by manage i mean forceful action.

how appropriate, theres a cake in the shot! for those that r unaware, chirp is the mr.baker of our sad, sad gang.

technically this isnt a ride, but she agreed to stand next to this figure. im glad u didnt find this scary as well chirp. this fotof is to emphasize chirps size. this figure is claimed to be a model of the tallest man on record. u perv stop pointing there. chrpf naughtttyff!

i hope that this tribute has pleased out of place chirp.


cryf April 1, 2008

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this is not typical mrm material, i apologize.

i dedicate this metaphorical Beirut post to emaciaty, now u cryf ok?

(taken from maze-of-thoughts.blogspot.com )


I used to be a beautiful city. Some people say I’m still as beautiful as I was before… I don’t like me anymore. I scare my kids away. I kill my people unintentionally. I starve them to death. I even turn some of their brightest days to a funeral in a split of a second.
Every day I stand there, waving to all these people, mostly young, leaving on these big airplanes, jealousy kills me, knowing that they will go and enjoy grocery shopping in a street I’ve never heard of, smiling to a stranger who doesn’t even know where their country is, working hard and becoming successful. I wish they could be here with me, becoming successful with me. I feel helpless without them, thousands and thousands leave, few come back while I sit waiting and waiting and waiting?
A girl came to me the other day, young and beautiful? Wearing that white dress made her look like an angel. Stood at the ‘Corniche’ with a coffee in her hand. She was staring at the sea with words coming out of her eyes
‘I miss you Beirut.
I miss your weather, miss your sea breeze.
I miss staring at you at night from my bedroom balcony when the world is sleeping and there is only you and I miss feeling loved.
I miss belonging to you, miss feeling the security.
You don’t know how hard it is to wake up every morning wondering if your parents or friends are ok, until you read the news and make few phone calls in case there was an explosion? Try harder Beirut
Tears filled my eyes and anger filled my heart? Didn’t know what to say to comfort her! My body is heavy and scattered, my land enjoys blood and every now and then one of my veins explodes and many of my innocent kids die. I can’t help it… I try…
‘I want to come back and live here Beirut, next to my family, next to my dad and brother? I want to raise my kids in Beirut, just the way I was raised? Never knew the difference between a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew; never heard about terrorism. Want my kids to grow up on discipline, respect, beliefs, freedom and mostly integrity.
What happened to you Beirut? You’re no longer the same?
I turned and left, didn’t want to hear her anymore? She kept calling me but I never answered… She broke my heart, only because she was telling me the truth! I’m no longer Beirut she once enjoyed when she was 4. They took my magic away?
Ashamed I am. I starve my people to death; I have no shelter for them anymore, no security, no love among each other. I’m in pain, I want to endure more, maybe, maybe someday my people will understand the pain I’m going through and help me stand instead of walking all over me. I don’t blame them; they are hungry and poor?
She left on one of those big airplanes few days later, sad she looked back at me hoping to come back and see me at least in the same condition, but we both knew it was not the case; I screamed and screamed hoping for her to hear me?
I order you to come back? Yes I can’t promise you security but I promise you that you and me can make it together, come back and bring all those people who once left because I miss them, miss their faces and their laughs. Come back and fight for me, clean my body from rotten creatures, change the world for me, help me stand. I can’t do it alone.
I’m your city,
I’m your mother,
I’m your child,
I’m Beirut.

SE K770i in ORANGE February 18, 2008

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if u know where i can find this in ORANGE, kindly leave the location/telephone number of the store.


dailyconfession.com January 28, 2008

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Since 2000, i have been a frequent visitor of http://www.dailyconfession.com

it is a website where ppl confess sins and what not (more often than not the confessions are hilarious rather than blasphemous).

well…it has been 8 years since i started visiting it, and it just gets more and more entertaining and random to say the least.

excellent relief for those bored…


dare of the week January 28, 2008

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it was 9 degrees Celsius outside…they suggested it, i just paid. i love how one of them claws and grabs at the other…perfect module of a true friendship lol

for best results turn on the volume. i love the vomit sound one of them makes at the end hahahaha


im in January 21, 2008

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university of london, here I come.


hing hong January 13, 2008

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ive been pressured to blog. apparently i have been getting complaints from my fan (thats right, i have one known fan that reads my blog religiously @ citibank).

p h a y/Fajita and i created the game of hing hong; ping pong using hands instead of paddles. and u know what? its much more fun and interesting!! i dont know if i can ever play with those cheap shiny plasticy paddles again!

we got the occasional sting from hitting the ball with our knuckles when backhanding, but other than that it was a thoroughly enjoyed, flexible game.




my 1st tag January 7, 2008

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ive been tagged by two ppl (thislady+intlxpatr). if u dont like what i have to say, talk to them…they provoked me.

 *Do your closest friends have any nicknames for you?
in no particular order: Mirim, Quack, Quacka, the Jew, Mona Lisa, Fat, Fat-ass, Fat bitch, Fat fuck, Koohkooh, Lippy, Hulky, Barook, Dood. *(all nicknames with the reference to fat are used by emaciaty. witty huh? loser).
*What would your ex-(boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse) say about you in one sentence?
nothing good can come from this question.

*What is the greatest achievement of your life so far?

in two words, not conforming.

*How should people think of sex in the 21st century?
*Where would you live if anywhere was possible?

if i had 10 years left of my life, i would like to live in Papa New Guinea.

if i had 5 years left of my life, i would like to live in Lebanon with Emacity (see bitch i do ‘love’ u).

if i had 1 year left of my life, i would like to live in an Afghani cannabis field.

*Is there a religion that’s fulfilling for you and/or the masses?

first off, the person that wrote this thing is an idiot. i had made at least 3 corrections so far. This question does not make sense and i will not bother correcting it. but i will say this, religion is never absolute. even if a group of 1 million or 1 hundred people claim they believe in the same religion, each and every person will execute, comprehend and analyze everything quite differently than one another.

*What inspires awe in your life’s experience?

this questions sounds like a perfume ad. sigh. teenage boys. i will not explain.

*What was/is your best pick-up line?

i never had one, but i’d think it would go a little something like: Im desperate, your horny. Lesssssgooooo.

*What and when is the most potent emotion you’ve ever experienced and why?

Fear. Im almost always afraid.  

*On what occasions do you act self-absorbed or just plain selfish?

to piss off my sister, and basically to anyone that is incompetant beyond belief.

*If you had to choose between them, would you live in Hollywood, Washington D.C. or New York, and why?

 no,  no, no and because its too pretentious.

*Who or what makes you feel “whole”?


*Where is your greatest opportunity for change?

am i on fucking Oprah??  

*What do you consider to be the greatest opportunity for humankind?

honestly? if all of humanity could spend a day with my sister, Nunu, that would truly be the greatest opportunity.

*What surprises you about getting older?

im surprised by the youth that keep getting more and more promiscuous and annoyingly daring. fucking marina mall rats. 

*What or who makes you feel younger or rejuvenated?

swimming, playing with ducks and probably this blog.

*Where or when do you feel most alone?


and i somehow deleted the rest. im using a kinko’s computer because im with a friend thats doing some work and im here blogging. the concentrated heat from cheap heaters, random printing jobs (there’s a guy printing a bird flu poster with an arrow peircing through a chicken’s chest for Om Mibshir High school in Aljahra),  and the chattering of Filipino workers all make for a delightful evening. oh Emaciaty just handed me a cup of tea. The kinko’s dude just semi-snapped at her cuz she wanted to pay for the tea but it was on the house. well done emaci.

my fingertips are getting dusty from this disgusting public keyboard. so goodbye